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Due to the nature of SPECIAL ORDER products being custom made to your specifications or requirements, we cannot resell the merchandise.   If buyer changes mind or orders incorrectly, for whatever reason, buyer must complete the transaction.  We will strive to produce our best effort  to meet buyer's expectations or requirements but the buyer assumes all risk in the event we do not (meet buyer expectations or requirements).



PAYMENT IN ADVANCE: Except for our very largest customers, all orders must be paid in advance. If you are paying by credit card, your credit card will be charged immediately upon order receipt.
Since these goods are Made To Order and Custom Manufactured to your specifications, we cannot resell them. All goods are non-returnable and all orders are non-cancelable.
If required, we will supply specifications or drawings for customer approval.  We will adhere to such specifications and drawings.  In the event there is a discrepancy with finished product and our supplied specifications and drawings, we will work with buyer to resolve. Any interpretation of a specification or drawing will be to commonly accepted practice within the abrasives industry standards. If there is any doubt on a drawing or specification that requires interpretation, commonly accepted practices will prevail.

If buyer supplies competitor specifications, general product guidelines or actual product for us to have produced, duplicated or matched, we will strive to provide our best effort.  If our best effort fails to meet buyer expectations, we will work with buyer to resolve; However, in the event buyer is not satisfied with the final result, we shall have no responsibility to provide any refund, credit or exact product.  Buyer must realize that there is a certain amount of variation in manufacturing and in many cases, products simply cannot be produced or matched to a high degree of exactness or purpose.

In the event buyer supplies their own drawing, sketch, specification or prints, we shall have no responsibility whatsoever for incorrect interpretation or misunderstanding of such documents.  In most cases, if there is an ambiguity in such documents, it will be questioned at some point before order completion for clarification; However, in the event products have been made incorrectly as a result of an improper interpretation of a buyer supplied document or specification, we have no responsibility whatsoever.  It is the buyer's responsibility to provide clear and accurate instructions and plans.  Any special interpretation or critical areas must be communicated clearly to us beforehand to insure buyer's wishes are understood.

The factory has the final "say so" regarding any product that falls outside the safety limits or commonly accepted manufacturing tolerances and dimensions.  No product will be produced that does not comply with common safety practices.


OVERAGES/SHORTAGES: In many instances, the factory may not ship the exact quantity ordered. This is due to the allowance for scrap and breakage. Since these goods are made for you, any overage will be shipped and you will be charged for the additional volume up to 10%. Conversely, in the event any are scrapped or damaged, the factory may ship less than quantity ordered. In this case, the order is considered complete and you will be refunded or credited for the shorted volume.
FREIGHT CHARGES: Orders with box weight less than 76 pounds will normally ship via UPS, FEDEX or DHL.  Orders with weight over this amount will ship by common carrier (truck).  Freight charges must be paid in advance or shipped freight collect.  Prepaid freight (paid in advance) will be estimated at time of order acceptance/payment and will be based on weight at prevailing pricing.  Collect shipments will ship on the trucking company of our choice unless buyer provides a preferred trucking company and account number at time of order.
Note: For shipments outside the continental US, please Contact Us.   International customers >>Click Here<<
There will typically be a minimum order quantity per item and there may also be a setup charge and/or tooling charge.  These charges are required due to machinery requirements within the factory.

See our standard Terms & Conditions which apply to all transactions.

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Terms subject to change without notice.

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