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Diamond Dressing




bulletListed below are some common diamond dressing tools.  Please contact us for specials and custom engineered tools -- We can design one for you!

Single Point, Cluster and Blade Type Diamond Dressing Tools

Single Point, Cluster & Blade

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Standards and special 'made to print' tools.
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Diamond Dressing Roll

Diamond Rolls

Diamond Roller Dressers for intricate profile dressing and trueing.  We can design one for you or make to your drawing.


Abrasive Wheel Dresser

Hand Dressers View Catalog

We carry single point diamond hand dressers as well as non-diamond dressers that can be used in lieu of one.  These non-diamond dressers come in two styles: A metal 'star' wheel and one that uses a black silicon carbide wheel.  Both are cost effective.



For dressing sticks to dress diamond and cbn wheels, click here:






Sizes & Shapes
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