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Diamond & CBN


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bulletWe can provide virtually any product for any application.  We provide resin, metal, and electroplated bonds for diamond and CBN wheels.  Listed below are common applications for diamond & CBN products.  Please contact us for specials and custom engineered wheels -- We can design a product for you!

Diamond Wheels & CBN Wheels For Tool Room & Production Grinding


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Resin bonded diamond wheels & CBN wheels for tool room and production grinding. 


Sizes & Shapes


Diamond Saws For Concrete, Masonry & Plastics

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Diamond cutting, slicing and grooving tools for masonry, concrete, marble, limestone, granite, plastics and other difficult to cut materials.


Sizes & Shapes


Diamond Band Saw Blades

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Band saw blades for sawing masonry, concrete, marble, limestone, granite, plastics and other difficult to cut materials.


Diamond Router Bits and Wheels

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Electroplated diamond router bits and diamond wheels for difficult to grind materials such as marble, granite, corian, etc..


Miscellaneous & Specials

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Special profile wheels and products made to print or to your specifications.


Diamond Dressing Rollers

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Custom 'made to print' diamond roller dressers for profile dressing and trueing of grinding wheels.



Wheel Sizes & Shapes
Click here for a listing of common sizing information for Tool Room & Production wheels or view our catalog to see what's available from stock.

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Click here to visit our online store where you can purchase items online.

Pricing and availability
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Grinding Tip!    
Use diamond wheels for carbides, plastics and synthetics.  Use CBN for most steels, including tool steel and HSS.

Did You Know.. 
CBN and Borazon are the same grit type. It is a man-made material.
Most diamonds used in manfacturing are man-made synthetic diamonds.




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