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MATCH ALL WORDS (Default setting): By default, the search will return only those pages that contain ALL of the words that you type above.  This is a fairly narrow search and may miss some pages. For example, if you type "grinding wheel", the search will return only the pages containing both words. You would miss pages that contain only grinding or only wheel.

MATCH ANY WORDS: If you select this option, the search will include pages that contain one or more of the words that you type above. This is a large search and may return too many pages to sort through. Using the example above, a search for "grinding wheel" would return all pages that contain "grinding", all pages that contain "wheel".

EXACT TERM MATCH: Enclose your word in double quotes (""). To find 6x1/2x1-1/4, type "6x1/2x1-1/4". This will return only those pages that contain that exact phrase. You can also combine the use of exact phrase searches with normal search terms and wildcard search terms within a single search. For example, "6x1/2x1-1/4" Type*). Note that wildcards within exact phrases (eg. "6x1/2x1-1/*") are not supported.

WILDCARDS: You can use the wildcards '*' and '?' in your search terms to search for multiple words and return a larger set of results. An asterisk character ('*') in a search term represents any number of characters, while a question mark ('?') represents any single character. This allows you to perform advanced searches such as "grind*" which would return all pages containing words beginning with "grind" such as grinding, grinder, etc.. Also, "*x1/2x*" would be a search for any words containing the word "x1/2x" such as 6x1/2x1-1/4, 5x1/2x1-1/4, 5x1/2x1-1/2, etc.. Similarly, the term, "6x1/? will return only 5 letter words such as 6x1/2, 6x1/4, 6x1/8, etc.. Or, you could type "?x1/2x1-1/4" to find 5x1/2x1-1/4, 6x1/2x1-1/4, etc..

EXCLUSION/NEGATIVE SEARCHES: You can precede a search term with a hyphen character to exclude that search term from being included in your search results. For example, a search for "dressing -diamond" would return all pages containing the word "dressing" but not the word "diamond".

OUR SUGGESTION: We suggest you start with the default Match ALL words and then use the double quotes to match the exact term to narrow your search. You can then try the wildcards and negative search features to focus the search as required.
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